Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Seeing Equal Signs Everywhere

Sometimes I like to join debates, and voice my opinion.
So today is my quick and hopefully to-the-point post on the whole "equality" sign floating
around the social media networks lately.

Do I believe in equality? Yep.
Do I believe we should all receive the same right to marry and love whom we want to? Yep.
Do I believe in the Bible? Yep.
Am I a Christian? Yep.

Contradicting myself a little? Yep.

I am a Christian and I do believe in the Bible.
However it isn't my place to judge someone else or tell them they can't do something.
I know that God intended for marriage to be between man and woman and I'm sure that
is very much now he prefers it. It was made to be that way and well, the parts just fit together.

But I also believe you can't necessarily choose love...it usually chooses you.
You think every little boy wants to be ridiculed and taunted for their sexual orientation?
I don't think many choose that, but it happens.

At the end of the day, I say let someone be happy. Let them experience the love and rewards of
a partnership that all people receive. Let them share in the marital bliss that we all get to receive.
They know what the good book says and if they are going to be judged for their actions,
that's when God comes in. They have to answer to him at the pearly white gates.
We all do.

We've all sinned and have done things that the Bible doesn't allow. Pre-marital sex. Living together before marriage. Having babies outside of wedlock. It happens everyday. So the same person who is arguing against gay marriage because of the Bible is likely the same person who has had more than one sexual partner; maybe lived together before marriage; oh and is currently going through a divorce.

I don't want to stop anyone from being happy and experiencing true companionship.
It's their choice and basically their right here on earth (or I guess it should be).

After that, it's in God's hands. He's the ultimate judge and he's the one we all answer to.

Happiness...that's why I support it. 
I don't want to stand in the way of someone else's happiness.

What do you think?
{I don't mind debates, but keep it friendly}

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