Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

Friday's Letters: My Best Friend's Shower


Dear Little Bit, I hope you're as excited about tomorrow as I am. Tomorrow is our
special day -- it's our baby shower. Well your baby shower really, but mommy gets to 
play with all of the stuff until you get here. And I get to see all of our family and friends
and mingle with them over some delicious food. I know you'll hear them all talking, but
soon enough you'll get to meet them all. Dear Daddy to be, Thanks for being the shiz-nit. 
Dear Gigi (my mommy), I know you've been working hard along with all of my aunts, 
sister in laws and friends, to give me the most beautiful shower tomorrow.
 I know it will be perfect and I can't wait. 
Dear Readers, I can't wait to share photos with you from the shower. 
Until then, here are some photos of my best friend and I at her baby shower 
(remember the one I wrote about here).
Her baby came before the shower...he was just too excited! 

Happy Friday!
What's your weekend plans?

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