Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Baby Clothing Sizes {Help}

So Little Bit got a ton of adorable clothes from her shower and I seriously can't wait to play dress up with her. All of her wonderful shower guests stocked her closet full! I have a feeling this child will be dressed to the "T" everyday; especially if she'll have any visitors. Forget what mommy looks like, it's all about the baby now. 

The outfit I've been eyeing for forever :)
{I do intend on still dressing cute, but just sayin} 

I've been holding onto a coupon for Carter's where I had my eye on a whole series of clothes that were all within the same color scheme. I've been very good and haven't purchased any clothes for Little Bit in months because of my shower and I thought perhaps I'd end up with that little outfit. Well now that the shower is over, I hightailed it to the store to use my coupon and luckily that little set of clothes was on SALE. WOOHOO.

But here is my question for you guys (you pro-mamas)...how does clothing size typically work? For instance, is 0/3 months and 3 months the same? How long is a baby usually in NB size and is it 0/3 months after that or 3 months? Then after 3 months is it 3/6 or just straight to 6? (Most clothing she has is from Carter's)

It's somewhat confusing as I am trying to make sure I have a variety of clothes and that any 6-9 month clothes I purchase her are long sleeve considering it will be Fall/Winter time. Also, will creepers work around 6 months even with colder weather (just to wear indoors)? Of course in Louisiana, they may even work outside--HA. 

Ahhhhh, this is confusing. 

More of that adorable collection from Carter's! 

Who is ready to give some advice?
Stay tuned to see some of her adorable
clothes from her shower...:)

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