Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Little Bit, I love feeling you move! Please don't stop, even though I know that eventually
you will get so cramped in there that you'll move a bit less. Dear Daddy to be, thank you for 
coming to the doctor with me and holding my hand through a painful shot. Dr Doctor, I really didn't
like that shot. Dear Readers, how many of you have A- blood type and had to receive the shot
and will have to receive the shot with every pregnancy? Not cool at all. Look for a post on that 
soon. Hoping that I can meet more people who had this yucky, awful shot with this random
blood type (kind freaks the beejeezus out of me). 
Dear Baby Furniture, Thank you so much for coming in before my shower next weekend!
 I'm so in love with you and can't wait to share pictures!
Dear Nursery, you can grow by a couple of feet...I won't mind. 
Dear God, Thank you for this blessing. 

That's all folks. 
For more on the reason for my shot read here

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Happy Weekend! 

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