Rabu, 03 April 2013

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Selasa, 02 April 2013

Waiting on Baby

Well I have about 7 weeks until my due date and all I can do is just sit here and keep waiting on baby.
I still have quite a bit to do on my to "To Do List Before Baby is Due" but other than that I am SO ready.

I think some people up until the day the baby comes still has that feeling of "I'm not sure if I'm ready."
I've heard people say that they're not sure if they are ready for the changes in their home and if they
are ready for their relationship to change with their spouse.

But I say bring it on. 

I've been waiting for this day FOREVER.
Since like the day I met my husband I knew I wanted to have his babies.
I know, that's kinda sad but it really is true. 
We've had almost three years to ourselves as a married couple and six years before that as a couple.
I'd say we're pretty good in the "get to know you" department.

Even though sometimes I worry that I won't always know what to do as a new mom or
that I won't always know why Little Bit is crying, I'm still so anxious.

I'm anxious to meet this little girl and give her plenty of unconditional love.
I'm anxious to see her daddy interact with her and to become a family of three.
I'm anxious to see what she looks like and what her little cry sounds like.
I'm super curious about how big she'll be (my husband is hoping for a 9lb baby!).
I'm anxious to kiss her and hold her next to me.

It's amazing how someone who you've never met and can only feel right now,
can already have your heart.

She's not even here yet and has already stolen my heart.

I can't wait.
Hopefully we steal hers away too.

Me and my Easter Egg on Easter Sunday :)

How was your emotions right before
your first baby came?

Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. 
I'm off to celebrate with the family and looking forward to 
good food; sweet treats and lots of laughs. 
Next year, I get to be the Easter Bunny! 
I absolutely can't wait. 
Happy Easter to my Little Bit :)

Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Weekly Update 31 Weeks

{last week}

How far along? 31 weeks, 6 Days
Baby Size: Pineapple
Total weight gain: 26 lbs (at my 32 week appt) 
Maternity clothes? Yes, and unfortunately beginning to not really fit in much.
Stretch marks? My belly is still clear! 
Sleep: Pretty prepared for a baby now I believe. I wake up constantly and can't 
go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Usually I need some power naps. 
Best moment this week: On this last day of week 31, my sister in law went into labor 
and we stayed at the hospital waiting on my sweet little niece. Made me even more anxious!
Miss Anything? The ability to not run out of breath so fast...tying my shoes is a workout. 
Movement: Yes, she is always squirming around and sticking out of my belly. 
My belly is forever lopsided from Little Bit. She's also hiccuping a lot more lately. 
The end of this week, people started saying that it looked as if I dropped already. ??
Food cravings: Nothing particular over the last few weeks...although I randomly thinks of frostys.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Once I hit the third trimester, my morning sickness
seemed to get kicked up a notch. I'm back to throwing up 1-2 times a week. 
Gender: PINK Lady
Symptoms: Towards the end of this week some new symptoms started...I'll share more 
of those in week 32 since that's when they really kicked in! 
Belly Button in or out? A little of both!  
Wedding rings on or off? On -- but noticeably tighter
Mood: Great, but getting slightly uncomfy and tired. 
Looking forward to: Her arrival. It's getting closer and closer. I can't 
believe it is single digits now! After seeing my niece, I am even more antsy
to meet this Little Princess! :)

Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Seeing Equal Signs Everywhere

Sometimes I like to join debates, and voice my opinion.
So today is my quick and hopefully to-the-point post on the whole "equality" sign floating
around the social media networks lately.

Do I believe in equality? Yep.
Do I believe we should all receive the same right to marry and love whom we want to? Yep.
Do I believe in the Bible? Yep.
Am I a Christian? Yep.

Contradicting myself a little? Yep.

I am a Christian and I do believe in the Bible.
However it isn't my place to judge someone else or tell them they can't do something.
I know that God intended for marriage to be between man and woman and I'm sure that
is very much now he prefers it. It was made to be that way and well, the parts just fit together.

But I also believe you can't necessarily choose love...it usually chooses you.
You think every little boy wants to be ridiculed and taunted for their sexual orientation?
I don't think many choose that, but it happens.

At the end of the day, I say let someone be happy. Let them experience the love and rewards of
a partnership that all people receive. Let them share in the marital bliss that we all get to receive.
They know what the good book says and if they are going to be judged for their actions,
that's when God comes in. They have to answer to him at the pearly white gates.
We all do.

We've all sinned and have done things that the Bible doesn't allow. Pre-marital sex. Living together before marriage. Having babies outside of wedlock. It happens everyday. So the same person who is arguing against gay marriage because of the Bible is likely the same person who has had more than one sexual partner; maybe lived together before marriage; oh and is currently going through a divorce.

I don't want to stop anyone from being happy and experiencing true companionship.
It's their choice and basically their right here on earth (or I guess it should be).

After that, it's in God's hands. He's the ultimate judge and he's the one we all answer to.

Happiness...that's why I support it. 
I don't want to stand in the way of someone else's happiness.

What do you think?
{I don't mind debates, but keep it friendly}

Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

I Don't Want to Drive My Baby

Dear Little Bit,

I never want to drive you in my car.
I know that sounds bad, right?
But after seeing someone spin their own car out of control to avoid hitting me,
I know longer really want to drive you around.
I don't usually cry over things like that,
I just think "Whew that wouldn't have been good."
But now it is different.
After seeing a speeding car almost plow into my stopped car,
with my big pregnant belly,
it really changes things.
The floodgates opened and the tears ran out the whole drive home.

I've decided that until you're like twelve years old,
I'm just going to stay home. We're not going anywhere.
I'll home school you to avoid having you ride the big yellow cheese wagon.
And I'll teach you to dance at home rather than at dance class.
Because that's how much I don't like the thought of driving you around.
It's a scary road out there.

I wonder how well those "Baby on Board" signs will work on our car.
How awesome is that car seat we have? Who knows. 
And mommy can drive slow as molasses, but there are still other coo coo birds out there.

Maybe we'll fly.
There has to be somewhere that we can purchase some jet packs.
Because that's how much I don't like the thought of driving you around.

But then again, I know once you arrive...
I'll be anxious to bring you home. To your little nest.
And of course, we'll have to drive.

Interesting article on these signs, but I'm still using mine! via

Did you have a fear of driving 
your baby around?

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Friday's Letters {And Some Belly}

Dear Little Bit, I am currently washing a bunch of your clothes. Each time I come to fold them I relish in the thought of dressing you in all of these precious outfits. I can't wait to hold you in my arms. Everyone keeps saying it will be here soon, well it needs to get here. Dear Time, You can move a little fast for the next few weeks. I don't mind. Dear Scale, Please don't creep up too much on me over the next several weeks. I'd like for you to slow down. Dear Baby Daddy, There are some baby things that you need to assemble. According to everyone, she'll be here before you know it! Dear Mother Nature, Thank you for a gorgeous weekend last weekend when we took our maternity photos! The weather was perfect. I can't wait to get some canvas prints around the house of some of these beauties! I love the belly...being
pregnant is truly the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.


What are your weekend plans?
Happy Friday!

Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

More Baby Shower Pictures

More Photos Here
If you missed my sneak peek of some shower pictures, here are ALL of the decor details and the setup over at THIS post. It was stunning! 

Today I wanted to share with you some of the pictures that my sister in law took while I was opening presents! We were blessed with so many things! From tutus to cute bikinis, I can't wait to dress up Little Miss Priss. We also received SO many embroidered things --- just about every bib and burpcloth is monogrammed with her name or initials. I love that! 

We also received so many of the big items we needed off of our registry from the bassinet to the jumper and bouncer to the food maker and so much more. And the wooden highchair! I love the heirloom highchair I received from my parents. It's brand new and they are hard to find, but I now have something that I can save for my grandbabies too! 

There are still so many photos to show, but I'll probably just do one more post later. Hope you enjoy these and please check out the shower details HERE if you missed it! 

What was one of your favorite baby
items from your registry?
I can't wait to use all of our goodies!
Little Bit is already a tad wee bit spoiled!

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Oh How Pinteresting {Easter Treats}

It is time to link up for a fun Wednesday of sweet treats that will have your mouth watering. I love holiday treats and Easter treats happen to be some of the cutest sweets to make. What I love about things like this is that it is the perfect activity to do with your children. This is a great way to get festive and involve your children in enriching activities at home. 

And of course, who doesn't love to eat? Especially when it's SWEETS! 

Simple and easy cupcakes that have my mouth 
watering for Easter Sunday. 

Pretty sure I'm going to try these this year!

Perfect for your child's class or friends.

I don't think you can get much more simple than this!

Here is a tasty treat that I've made before. 
Use either white chocolate or chocolate to coat your pretzels. 
Add some eggs and even stick a chick peep on it if you'd like. 
Stick in the refrigerator for awhile and then you have a salty/sweet treat!

Check out all pins on my Easter board
over at Pinterest and make sure to link up!

What's your favorite Easter candy?
Mine is Reese's Eggs and the original 
Cadbury Eggs...YUM.

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Old Wives Tale or Truth?

Okay, so here is a good one that you can answer for me...

How many of you have heard the myth that if you bend over too much or stretch your arms up above your head too much it can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck? Apparently my mom and aunts all believe this and don't like seeing me do those things.

If only they were home while I was organizing and cleaning. I'm always moving, bending, reaching and what not. So of course now I'm curious about this myth and Google didn't really answer my question.

So, have any of you heard this or had a doctor talk about it? I plan on asking my doc next week, but until then...

I actually thought this yesterday while grocery shopping. 
So many people hold open doors and help me and smile at me. 
Many people asked how I was doing too. 
Wonder what they are really thinking?
Dammmnnnn looookkk at that belly. 

What's your take on this old myth?

Senin, 18 Maret 2013

When You Know Your Husband is Having A GIRL

For those of you that know me personally or know my husband, you probably caught on to the fact that my hubs was determined to have a little boy first. He wanted a girl, but he just wanted her as the second child. He has this fear that having a girl first will turn him into a total softy. 

{I have to admit it; he really already is a softy.}

Finally in the last couple of months he's referred to his Little Bit as his "little girl" or his "little girly." I have to say that hearing those words makes my heart melt. I can't wait to see Daddy with his little girl (or as I like to say, his little Princess). 

Then on yesterday he made me heart really smile and it was something so tiny, but I realized it. He was talking about a friend of ours daughter and said "she had a big bow and a cute dress with different colors of Chevron in it." 

Um, excuse me....

Did my husband just refer to a little girl's dress as a Chevron dress (which it indeed was)!? Obviously he has been paying attention as I've mentioned the word Chevron along the way while designing her nursery and recently when ordering her bows.

It's because of his keen fashion sense as a guy already (my friends sometimes refer to him as metro-sexual--haha) and his knack of knowledge already on Chevron, that I can trust him to dress our daughter. I'll just have to train him on the bows and headbands and how each outfit must have one... :)

But to be honest, I'm not so worried about that anymore. I think Daddy to be will a good little dresser and Little Bit will always be looking sharp! 

Speaking of Chevron, this week I will share some nursery photos! 

And if you missed yesterday's post, HERE is a sneak peek at some maternity photos!
Can't wait to share some more...

Does your husband/baby daddy have 
a good eye when it comes to dressing your daughter?

Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

A Sneak Peek of Maternity Photos

Today hubby and I are off to church, lunch and then a movie date. YAY for squeezing in dates before Little Bit arrives. I think that is something very important to remember now and even after she comes. You always have to make time for each other no matter what. 

And until tomorrow, here are some sneak peek shots from our maternity session yesterday. I am dying to see the rest and will share more next week, but here are a few good ones... ENJOY!

I'm ecstatic over them so far! I love being pregnant, how about you?

This pictures mean so much to me. Our photographer did amazing and 
I am so blessed with an amazing husband. Ah, I love that guy and our Princess!