Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

How Long Will You Love Me?

Today's post is a special one that I am happy to do. On my previous blog, Romance In a Glance, I once had the privilege of sharing this beautiful bride's wedding day with all of my readers. Well now I get to feature something even more special --- her mother's first children's book! 

This has been in the making for a very long time and with a little bit more help, her first publication will be printed. I love the colorful illustrations in this children's book but I most of all love the message. This is the perfect book to read routinely to your child to help them realize that you'll love them forever no matter what they do; who they are; or who they become. 

From the Author, Patti Brassard Jefferson:
This book has been years in the making but now that the creative part is complete, every thing is going at a whirlwind pace! What started as a single drawing for a Valentine's Day card, has slowly, but oh so surely, become my first book. 
Each illustration is sketched out and tweeked on a plain spiral bound drawing pad. Then I grab my metal Willie Wonka lunch box which is full of regular coloured pencils and I work out the colour schemes. Once I like it, I do the same thing all over again but on watercolour paper and use my Derwent watercolour pencils. 

For more information on the book please go HERE
Also, you can visit the site to see if it is a project that you believe in and want to 
help fund. A simple $1 can help bring this dream to life. The author has almost reached her 
goal and then she can achieve her dream of publishing her first book. Amazing!
You really need to check out this link and see the adorable video for the book!

Check out the website for the book and pre-order HERE

What do you guys think about this talented mama? 
Disclaimer: I have posted this because I believe in it; I am not receiving 
anything to do this. I just want to show support for someone else's dreams! 

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