Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Oh How Pinteresting {Easter Crafts}

Easter is such a fun and beautiful holiday. The meaning behind it and all of the blessings it entails, makes it such a beautiful day. On top of that, it's often times you're first get together before summer time and it's typically the perfect SPRING weather. There is just something about spring that I love and for some reason, that is when my purse always leads me to go shopping. Forget spring cleaning --- I'm all about spring shopping! I'm sure it will be much worse next year at this time when I buying spring dresses, tanks and skirts for Little Bit. 

For today's link up, I decided to share some adorable Easter crafts that are great to do with children or for just some simple holiday touches around the home. Find the sources under my Easter Board and Children's Crafts board

My favorite find today -- chalkboard eggs!

Toilet paper rolls turned Easter bunnies

DIY Easter Baskets

How cute are these?

Easy and modern

Easy-peasy jelly bean decor

Yay for spring wardrobe! via 

Yay for what seems to be like Spring weather down
here in the South. Although over here you NEVER know. 
What's your favorite season?

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